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Day of Challenge: Week 1 Challenge 2
Pairing: Baekhyun/Luhan
Rating: G for now
Genre: General
Length: 518
Summary: Prompt from Exo Prompt Generator - strawberries; Baekhyun/Luhan. It's just a start for now, but I'll probably add on to it sporadically over the next little while.
Unwittingly, within the first week of university, Baekhyun had established himself as the glib, witty character of his residence, a person of sunshine smiles and friendly companionship. But even the most extraverted of people find it hard to be so perky all the time, and Baekhyun is no different.

So Friday night finds Baekhyun politely declining requests to join in the partying. Something in his demeanor must have signaled his desire to be alone, because for once, his friends hadn’t pushed or questioned him about his uncharacteristic reticence.

As the booming bass starts resounding throughout his residence, Baekhyun slides into his room to don a thick sweater, and switches his contacts for glasses. Grabbing a flashlight from his desk drawer, and an airline blanket he’d saved from his flight to university, he quietly slips away from the building, and finds the dirt path leading up the mountain.

The first part of the trek is the only tricky part. It’s a side path stamped out by generations of students before him, a short cut up that mountain that bypasses the numerous stairs of the official entrance. It’s autumn, a bit chilly and the path is squishy with mud, but Baekhyun breathes in the crisp air with relish. Being surrounded by people and social obligations can be so stifling.

His flashlight sheds a small beam of light in front, alerting him to low-hanging branches and protruding rocks on the ground. It’s not a terribly long walk; he can already see the beginning of the paved pathway just in front.

But he won’t go that way today.

During his last climb up the mountain, Baekhyun had found a small, tree-lined niche just off the dirt path. It was nestled in the side of the mountain, just high enough to leave the city with all its noises and lights behind, but not so high as to be visible from the summit or from below.

Baekhyun crouched to avoid a particularly low branch, and emerged into the clearing with a sigh of relief. He walks until he hits a patch of forest floor that seems less muddy than the rest, and arranges his blanket on the ground. He cradles his head to shield his poor skull from the uneven ground when he lies down, and stares up at the bright pricks of starlight that are just visible through the gaps in the leaves overhead.

Baekhyun had almost fallen asleep when he heard the rustling approaching him, and he sat up quietly, not wanting to reveal his presence. He quickly gathers his belongings and darts out of the clearing, peering back from behind a tree trunk at this intruder. He hears a muffled Oomph followed by the sound of a body hitting the moist earth, and then a moan of Oh no, my strawberries!

The voice sounded young enough, probably just another student seeking some solitude from the busy social calendar of first year university. Baekhyun wasn’t in the mood to share his clearing with someone else, so he grumpily found his way back a main hiking trail and resigned himself an early night.

Tags: !fanfic, author: cloudeabovemybed, genre: general, length: drabble, pairing: baekhyun/luhan, rating: g
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